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Welcome to our website and to follow our project!

We are veterinary students C-75  and it is finally our turn to make our own Vetladies calendar. This has already become a tradition for veterinary students to make a this calendar every year.

With the calendar, we raise money for charity and that money of course goes for animal welfare. The calendar features animals and veterinary students. The charity will be chosen closer to the completion of the project.

The main theme of the calendar are colors, and for each month you can see a color spectrum suitable for the month.

We hope you enjoy our website! Here you will find behind-the-scenes KULISSIEN TAKANA, fun additional material and sneak peaks. Also follow us on instagram @ vetladies2021 and on facebook Vetladies 2021.

The order form will open later in the fall and the website will be updated during the summer and fall as the project progresses. Welcome to visit our website again!